Thursday, July 23, 2020

First Walk

My very first walk with God wasn't traditional by any means. In fact, looking back I didn't realize that's what I was even doing. You see in my family God was only in church or wasn't to be believed in at all. One side of my family believe to an almost zealotous degree. The other side thought it was hogwash and fairytales meant to scare people into heaven by sending them to hell. As a child I would spend as many of my days outside as I could. We were  blessed enough that we had a big backyard shielded from the rest of the city by trees, shrubs, and on one side our neighbors big privacy fence. I would walk around all the haphazard flowerbeds or sit and watch the world around me. I daydreamed a lot and then, like most children, believed in magic. A part of my mind thought I could here the wind speaking and I would sometimes talk to the plants and bugs around me. Little did I know that these were my first real interactions with God. That voice on the wind comforted and encouraged me when there was none else to be had.

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