Tuesday, August 11, 2020

First Day of School

 Some remember their first day of school while others happily don't. I was afraid and angry. And I could feel an awful feeling deep within me that simply would not go away. I remember as my mom brought me through the front doors of the elementary school the feeling increased, I began to panic internally and cry. The lady from the office and my mom tried to persuade me to go into the classroom but the sight of all the other kids and the very thought of going in alone made it worse. About the time my mind had almost had too much the school councilor, Mrs. W, approached and offered to take me so they could get back to work. It was a relief of monumental proportions but I was still afraid. She took me into her office and showed me the sand box full of different sand toys and told me that I could stay as long as I liked. Mrs. W was kind and made me feel an ease that I rarely experienced from people. I relaxed and looked around at the walls covered in positive words, happy colors, and soothing pictures. I remember she had some soft classical music playing as well. Taking all of this in I turned to the sandbox and played until she felt I was ready to go to class. I was late and attracted even more attention from the other kids but by that point it didn't matter. God was with me that day, in ways I never even imagined or realized at the time. And from that moment on I was completely devoted to Mrs. W and soaked up anything and everything she taught me, so many lessons in so few years but every one of them I still use to this day.


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