Tuesday, August 4, 2020

First Friends

The first friend I remember making was a girl I met in daycare, however for a reason I either cannot remember or did not understand at the time we instantly grew apart. One day it was playing in daycare, the next it was looking at each other like we didn't know who the heck we were. It was what it was. My next friend reminded me a lot of one of my half-sisters and we ended on not the best of terms, grew apart too quick I think. After that I had two real good friends but MAN did the fighting and drama break out a lot. So when one moved and I moved we all fell out of contact. From that point on I stayed pretty much a loner, from middle school up. People could sit right down and talk to me but I never really associated with one person or type of crowd. I had older, younger, and same age friendships. It could be lonely I suppose and no I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere but looking back I wouldn't have done different in that area of my life. I've always been the odd of the odd and by now that's how I like it. Others do not feel that way. If you're one of those people and you feel left out: Be You and the right people will either find you or you'll find them but don't waste your time hanging on to the ones that don't love you. Don't waste anymore time on the ones that only love you when they want to or need you but give nothing back. If you can't be a loner don't let them make you a loner! Feel me?

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