Thursday, August 20, 2020


Siblings. It's a word that speaks for itself for anyone who has them. However, all of my siblings are half and were out of the house by the time I entered this world. So I won't sit here and say I know all of the ups and downs of sibling-ry. Did mine tell on me? Yup. Did they fight? Yup, still do. Did they call me the baby? Yup. Were they there for me? Bare minimum when I was a child and only on the surface now, especially since it's the christian thing to do. Back then you could almost call it a recruitment for who's side was who's later on down the line. Each one has their own life separately and content to live it out so. Unfortunately, any encounter with any one of my siblings in the present is either short lived or regretted. Was it always that way? No, but things change.

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