Tuesday, December 29, 2020


 How grateful, thankful, and relieved am I for the love of Jesus? Let me put it to you this way; I love Jesus but do not like every single aspect of His character. Does He understand this? Certainly. And for that I could never properly express how much I appreciate His understanding. Does the aspect of Him that I don’t like make me view Him as less in my eyes? I pray that will never be the case. I’m only human and a fault I find in Jesus is a flaw in me; not Him. He understands all the complexities of my flaws in ways I could never express or comprehend. Some days are harder to bare then others but there is an unexplainable peace that happens when I remember how much Jesus understands and cry from the simple truth of that understanding. Not until I really started to walk with Him did I learn that there are tears of sorrow, tears of pain, and tears of frustration; but also tears of gratitude. 

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